Top Online Web Design Trends 2016

Web Design Trends 2016


dvancement and evolution is a constant phenomenon in the web design technology. Whatever be your business niche, there are billions of competitors ruling the market through dynamic internet marketing strategy. The process begins with top-notch website development project. Before you approach a reputed web development agency for a new website design or refurbishment, here are some features to focus in 2016.

Responsive Web Design

This technology has become highly popular choice for the webmasters and is going to rule the industry in 2016 as well. Having the website appearance simple, elegant and synonymous for different device displays (PCs, laptops, mobiles, and tablets) is a great idea. You can choose a custom design to make the look and feel of the website unique with keen attention to the business type and customer friendly approach.

Hidden Hamburger Menu

If you visit any new website using any Smartphone, you can see the menu hidden at the upper right or left corner of site represented with the help of a small icon of three horizontal lines. The idea is also implemented for the desktop version of the web design. The hamburger menu gives a clutter-free facade to your website while easing the navigation for the visitors. This feature is definitely not the choice for eCommerce sites where people may struggle hard to find categories and items.

Explainer Videos and Attractive Images

A simple video of a couple of minutes about the product and services can give elaborate understanding to the audiences. Similarly, catchy and relevant images on the page supporting the written contents can keep the audiences engaged for longer duration. This can be the part of your digital marketing strategy to cope up with quick bounce rates and later manage the higher search engine rankings.

Minimalistic Designs and Calligraphic Fonts

Keeping the website design clean and soothing for the eyes attracts the visitors’ attention for longer duration. Implementation of light neutral shades on the web pages raises convenience for reading the contents. The calligraphic fonts are very popular nowadays spreading some important brand messages you want the audiences to notice.

Touchscreen Support

Nowadays, the users are largely using Smartphones and tablet PCs for viewing websites. The modern web developers therefore use choicest plugins and customized features to ease the touch support for the audiences.

Factors to Consider while Choosing Website Design Features

The team of graphic and website designers at the web development agency can offer you a range of cool features that make up an awesome site. However, the selection of website elements, themes, call to action, and contents need to be based on the following factors:

-website must be user-friendly and easy to understand

-choice of design and other elements should address the specific business requirements

-website appearance and feel should meet the expectations of the target audience


The newer trends emerge and change with passing time to pave the way for the most suitable options. These web design techniques are the choicest options to include on every website to keep up with the search engine algorithms and bestow best user experience to your target audience.

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